You’ll Soon Be Able to Apply for Jobs Through Facebook!

You’ll Soon Be Able to Apply for Jobs Through Facebook!

You read that right. Starting on Wednesday, Facebook users will be able to directly apply for  jobs on the Social Media platform. If you’re one of those who browses Facebook while at your boring job, now you’re in luck with this feature! Admins for Facebook Pages in the United States as well as Canada will now have the capability of listing available jobs as they would for their other pieces of content.


As of now, it doesn’t cost a business anything to post an opening. That’s good news for employers (and job prospects), although bad news for existing job platforms like LinkedIn and SimplyHired, where listings do carry a price tag.

Here’s how the whole process will work: Through a new feature, companies can publish a job posting on their page as easily as they would any other update. The postings will then live in two places: the company’s own Facebook page plus under a new “jobs” section. (You should be able to find the link on your homepage, under the “Explore” section in the left column, although it doesn’t appear to be live for all users yet.)


If you see a posting you like, you can click an “apply now” button that leads them to a pre-populated page with your name and any education or employment history that you’ve made public on the site; you can then either send the info as-is or make changes before submitting. There’s no place to upload a resume, but a 1,000-character text box allows for a cover letter-style note.

As for privacy concerns, your privacy settings will not change. Employers will only be able to see the info you’ve made public, according to a Facebook disclaimer at the bottom of each posting. Despite that, it’s still worth checking your settings to make sure you’re not broadcasting anything you wouldn’t want a hiring manager to see. If you’ve been eyeing a particular employer, you might also want to “like” their page. That way, any posting the company creates will appear on your news feed.


Written by: Seyf Nasr

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