A Look Back at 2017

A Look Back at 2017

Happy 2018! We hope your holidays were pleasant and relaxing. At SphereXV we had a very successful 2017 – both for us, but more importantly, for our clients! Check out what we were able to accomplish over the last 12 months!


El Camino College Website Redesign

We are very proud and excited about the launch of El Camino College’s brand new website! The fully interactive, mobile-friendly website was launched in fall 2017. It includes a creative design that is easy to navigate, providing an effective user experience to assist in attracting new students, while highlighting key features important to current students and community members.

Check out this dynamic new website!

UBA: One-to-One Marketing

One of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target audiences is via User Behavior Advertising (UBA)!

SphereXV is one of the leading digital marketing providers of this “up close and personal” advertising approach. UBA uniquely identifies and targets prospective students throughout multiple platforms ranging from web browsers (such as Google and Internet Explorer), to hundreds of mobile apps – including some of the most popular game apps, and many social media platforms.

UBA is effective for pretty much every generational group – especially millennials. Through Sphere XV’s UBA method, we are able to identify where your potential students hang out in the digital world. We use that information to position your digital ads throughout a variety of channels and devices so you never miss an opportunity to engage with these potential new students and increase your enrollment.

We are currently providing User Behavior Advertising to a number of colleges as part of their overall marketing strategy. The results have been an increase in the number of completed online applications to their college.


Email is NOT Dead!

Contrary to popular belief, email among millennials is not dead! Ineffective emails don’t get read – but effective emails do get read, and can even have a high response rate!  No one, not even baby boomers, has any time or interest in scrolling and reading a lot of boring email text.

Despite the constant social media hype, email is a whopping 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in compelling individuals to take some type of action (applying online, purchasing tickets, buying a product, etc.)

Sphere XV works with clients to deliver “intelligent email.” Emails provide an interesting user experience and give the reader what they need efficiently and effectively. They have proven to increase online registration, sales for performing arts programs and sporting events, to name a few.

Where email really differentiates itself is in customer retention. Building trust, nurturing relationships, and informing and educating students and community members, are what email does best. No other marketing approach provides one-to-one communication without causing the recipient to feel you are intruding on their personal space, as successfully as email marketing.

More than 55% of emails are opened using a mobile device, and for millennials that number can be as high as 88%. Therefore, if your emails are not optimized for mobile use, then 55-88% of your audience will struggle to read them, or worse, delete your email without reading it and opt out from receiving any future emails.



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