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A poor quality website reflects on your entire brand. We will detect embarrassing and avoidable quality issues like spelling mistakes, broken links and missing files. Quality covers:


Broken Pages

Broken Links

Missing Files


A good user experience is key to an effective website, but with an expanding range of devices and technologies is harder to measure than ever. Insites automatically checks that your pages are fast, work on mobile, are easy to read and work correctly. User experience covers:


Mobile Layout

Reading Age

User Journeys


A modern website faces a huge range of marketing concerns: SEO, social marketing, local presence and more. The audit consolidates all of these into a unified dashboard, allowing you to set your own targets and measure against your competitors. Website marketing covers:

SEO Fundamentals

Search Rankings

Duplicate Content



The audit helps helps check you website accessibility, including WCAG 2.0 and Section 508. Our interface demonstrates issues visually, and helps diagnose problems via an exchange of friendly questions and answers, instead of through the usual litany of technical points. Website accessibility covers:

WCAG 2.0


With large and complex websites, compliance is both a risk and an impediment to the speed at which your website can change. Insites can automate many of these checks, such as ensuring prohibited technology is avoided, or ensuring that legal messages are present. Where further manual checks are needed, Insites provides an interface to manage them. Website compliance covers:

SEO Fundamentals

Search Rankings

Duplicate Content



Most organizations don’t have a complete understanding of their own web content. The report automatically discovers what pages and documents you present online, and makes it easy to search and review them in one place. Website inventory covers:

Contact Details




Outgoing Links



100 Pages


150 Pages


300 Pages


500 Pages


1,000 Pages


1,000+ Pages

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