Changes Are Coming to Instagram, but not Immediately

Changes Are Coming to Instagram, but not Immediately

A couple of weeks ago, Instagram announced a big change in their newsfeed structure. Instead of the content being shown in chronological order, photos and videos will be served in the order it thinks you’d like to see them. This algorithm will be very similar to the algorithm that Facebook is currently using. A rumor came out that the new algorithm will be enforced today (March 28th, 2016) causing a huge uproar from Instagram users. Instagram is slowly rolling out this new newsfeed structure and it will be implemented to all users from within the next few weeks to a couple months. In response to the complaints, Instagram came out with this statement on Twitter:


Many accounts including big named brands are worried that this major shift will make their content less visible, and they’re advising their followers to enable post notifications. Maybe you’ve noticed a flood of posts in your feed that point toward the upper-right of your screen, demanding that you turn on these notifications that will send a notification to your phone whenever a new picture is posted. Any user will have to turn this feature on for each individual account they want to get updates about.


We don’t recommend turning on post notifications for multiple Instagram accounts as you’ll soon find yourself overwhelmed by updates. Also from what we know, Instagram will eliminate post notifications as part of the algorithm change, so there really is no point in going through the hassle and enabling post notifications for each individual Instagram account.


Some may be wondering why Instagram is making this drastic change. Kevin Systrom, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Instagram, states that “On average, people miss about 70 percent of the posts in their Instagram feed…What this is about is making sure that the 30 percent you see is the best 30 percent possible.” According to photographer Jasmine Star, she states that “The people who will benefit the most are advertisers,” says Star. “You pay to play, and the more you pay, the more people will be seeing you.”

Written by: Seyf Nasr



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